Wednesday, 25 March 2009

So this is it.

I have finally managed not to procrastinate long enough to fumble my way through a dream i have had for a while now to start my own blog.

Why? I was inspired. I felt a calling like this could be my purpose in life to document. What , i'm not sure? I have become a daily reader of some of my dear favourites like some secret obsession! I have to pretend I'm doing something useful and worthwhile like online banking or food shopping for home delivery just so as not to have to explain why the hell i have spent the last four hours reading about someone else's life, thoughts, creations etc... But why my own blog? Not quite sure i can explain that eloquently enough not to sound up my own jacksy! I'm not even sure if i want anyone to read this just yet! Basically let's just say i want to end my struggle with procrastinating and actually do some of those things i've always talked about, thought about, before its too darn late. The worst thing right now is getting to that point in life where instead of being 'one day when i ...' it becomes crystal clear that actually the opportunity has passed me by and now maybe i'll never actually see that particular day again. In fact, maybe i'll just go ahead and make one of these...

Making my first post is hopefully a start to a beautiful friendship with me and who knows...maybe just my mac!

Here's to some fun times together...cheers!

1 comment:

andrea said...

hooray! and welcome to the crazy nutty lovely world of blogging! xo

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