Friday, 15 October 2010


Who wouldn't love two tall blondes? (a midwest-based design collaborative : packaging + greetings + advertising + typography + announcements + invitations + calligraphy + web.) Tobe and Jess are currently giving their website a spring clean, but their blog needs no sprucing at all. I love the random mixture of inspiration in their posts. You never know what you're going to see when you pop in and say hello.

 Great diverse collection of visual inspiration. Check it.


Tobe @ Two Tall Blondes said...


you should see the cheesy grin on my face. so kind of you to mention us, tracey! we always love to get your comments, and we definitely love to keep everyone guessing. inspiration is everywhere, right? :)

happy friday!

Jess said...

Amazing images... I LOVE those shoes :o) Heading over to have a little look now. Thanks for sharing!

iheartkiwi said...

loving those grey bridesmaid's dresses and that gorgeous teal door!

chock-full of inspiration!

Lizeylou said...

WOW .. what stunning pictures. The door - heaven!! And I am loving the bride and bridesmaids picture .... gorgeous!!

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