Friday, 22 October 2010

Cuteness a coat

And its not even for me! Belle and Boo you've outdone yourselves! This colour is one of my all time favourites, the style - well who doesn't love a pixie coat and that adorable embellishment. Only £55. Well Ok not cheap but not ridiculous. If only it were not wool. (100% Merino wool at that but i bet it is still vaguely itchy?)
I just can't stand to touch it. Makes me feel icky. I know i'm a bit random about wool related products...can't do Jan Constantine either, which i love. Shame ;( So i'll just wallow in the beauty of it instead! If you don't care, you can get it here.


Amanda said...

Love it! Such an adorable style and gorgeous colour.

leanne said...

oh i love it! i really need a girl, i don't think jackson would thank me if i put him in this.

Kristi said...

i saw this...ridiculously cute.

Natasha said...

Totally missed this one....SUPER CUTE!!

Noarthern Light

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