Monday, 4 October 2010

Covet Garden

Have you seen this adorable shelter mag? This month is a super cute vintage inspired home of teachers Shelley (who also loves to create & knit) and Brendon plus their gorgeous baby Clover. And just look at Clover's room. Isn't it a beauty?!

For some reason i can never copy pictures direct from the site/publisher. So thanks to Bloesem kids and Sfgirlbybay for the images. If anyone can tell me how you do this i'd LOVE to know. I have the same problem with Lonny too!


leanne said...

me neither! I love those pictures, especially love the nursery and also the name Clover how sweet!

Anna said...

Oh my that creation on the ceiling in the top photo is incredible...what would you call that? I love the alphabet too.

Tracey said...

Hi Anna, I guess it's a paper flower extravaganza! There is a link somewhere on how to make them. When i find it i'll post it for you. x

Amy R. said...

These images are so lovely! I adore the nusery. Please post the tutorial on making the paper flowers if you find it:)

Amy R.

Tracey said...

I will have a look tonight in my bookmarked pages. But it may take a while. A need a serious bookmark organisation session. You are so right Amy. There are just so many good blogs to keep up with!

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