Friday, 1 October 2010

Today it is 5 years since i last wore my wedding dress!

I guess that means Happy Anniversary Mr. C!
2 kids and a new hair colour later and its been a blast. xx

A little story about the dress.

So i never found the perfect dress...not with my bazookas! 5 years ago it was all about the strapless, so cut a long story short, I had one made. It was fun. I got to search for the perfect vintage brooch to go in the centre, decide that a month before the wedding, actually i wanted everyone to see my fabulous shoes and netting underneath so lopped a fair few inches off the bottom and generally play around pretending i was Vera Wang. When i collected the dress they told me not to try it on or i'd crease it. They'd only done some minor alterations so all should be fine. NOTE: NEVER NOT TRY ON YOUR DRESS BEFORE THE WEDDING!
Cut to: Ooh about 20 mins before i had to leave to er..get married. Oh the dress won't go on? The straps were in the wrong place. They had stiched the straps on the wrong seam and the dress wouldn't pull down to do up properly. Eek, panic, 5 crazy bridesmaids running around screaming trying to call the dressmakers, me, the bride = calm.
Me: "Worst case scenario, just cut the straps. It'll have to be a halter neck."
Everyone: "What?! You can't do that" blah blah you can imagine the rest.

In the end...dressmaker rocks up, 2 mins to spare, un picks the stiching restitches the dress whilst on me. Too tightly, should have been more grecian styley but hey, it fitted, it worked, everything was OK.

Lesson learnt: Even on your wedding day, all the things that could go wrong might (i had lots more...photographer sick, cake really dodgy...)but none of it mattered. No one noticed. Seriously a happy person is one that doesn't sweat the small stuff, you know like her dress not fitting on her wedding day. Everything was just perfect the way it happened.

I'd so love to get that dress out and wear it one more time. Anyone ever been to a wedding dress party? Everyone turns up in their wedding dresses. Sounds fun huh?!



Aw, happy anniversary! And let me know when you get that wedding dress party set - I want to wear mine one more time too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Silver Strands said...

Great post, you are darling!

Happy anniversary!

Amy R. said...

Happy Anniversary to you:) I am sure I can't fit into my wedding dress and I don't want to try. I think your dress looked Old Hollywood Glamorous, especially with the broach.

Anna said...

Wedding dress party sounds AWESOME! Your hair is beautiful!

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

I bet your husband thought you were the most beautiful, perfect thing ever, no matter what. I want to have a wedding dress party! Awesome! I promised my husband that I'd always be able to fit into my dress (still have 40 lbs of baby weight to lose, hopefully will be gone by next anniversary). Congrats on 5 happy years!

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