Thursday, 1 September 2011 little word...the rest of yor life!

So you want to hear the ones we didn't pick?
 I have to admit. This little babe was a toughie. I was sure she was a boy. I had some awesome boys names. I picked my favourite. That was it. Back of the net.

I had a girl...are you sure? Check again. Yep.

What are we going to call her? ...4 days later i was pressured into a decision. You cannot have an unnamed baby forever right? We chose. I love it. BUT...i was waiting for the perfect name. The one that maybe doesn't exist or that i haven't heard yet...a newborn baby and there i was trawling the internet for wasn't easy.

Here's a few that i/we loved but weren't quite right.


Stella - can't put my finger on why this wasn't quite right?
Roxanne - Loved Roxy...this was a toss up.
Francesca - love Frankie, also for a boy. But don't like the idea that there could be a boy in the same class with the same name!
Silly but i felt the same about Reece/Reese.
Violet - Not so keen on Vi or Lettie
Viola - End of the day we preferred Lola
Delphine - Me love, Mr C...not so much!
Cecile  - Cute but better said in French!
Cecily  - Same
Camille - same
Anais - definitely better in French. A totally different pronouciation here.
 ...can you tell i love a little bit of French! (not so great in an Essex accent let me tell you!)


But nothing at all was more perfect for us than Felix.

A little, i mean tiny, miniscule part of me wants to have another baby just so we get to call him Felix.

This will like never happen, well never say never but i won't use it for any pets...just in case.


Amanda said...

I liked seeing your list as we're in the middle of debating names at the moment. We've pretty much stuck with the same two but like you say, it's like you're waiting for the perfect name to fall into your lap :) Last pregnancy, I didn't mind names that could be used for boys or girls, this pregnancy, I prefer a girlie name or a boyish sounding name :)

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

I have a Francesca, the name was our slam dunk. Lola is really sweet.

Tracey said...

Hey mommy papa and the nuts! Do you have a blog? It doesn't link to it on your profile?

Amanda - how exciting you still on the hunt to name...ooh the possibilites!

Fine Art Prints said...

Beautiful photo! I love your list of possibilities and Lola is a wonderful name.

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

I DO! But...I'm a private kinda gal and keep all the good photos of my kidlets to myself ;) Doesn't mean I don't love looking at EVERYONE else's family blogs though!

Congrats to you guys! See YOU in blogland!

Tracey said...

No worries, just don't like to miss out on anything good! xx

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

what great names!! felix is definitely a winner for a little man. lola is totes on my list already, as i'm almost positive that when the time comes, we'll be having girls. guess this proves i COULD be wrong, though....

céc' said...

Our fourth (!) baby is a Felix and is such a perfect baby :-)
Bur-t I understand you... I'd now like to have a Juliet. But four is ENOUGH, for sure...!!

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