Friday, 30 September 2011

Lola's picture

My dear friend Nikki bought this gorgeous gift for Lola 
so we have been thinking about where to put it in her room.

Anyone else nervous of hanging pictures above a cot? 
I have positioned the cot away from the shelf in case it fell and at the moment i put her feet to the other end to sleep. The canvas owl i pained is not at all heavy in case it fell down on her but i am always so cautious to put up glass and mirrors where they could fall on sleeping children!


Tomines hjem said...

hi there.. so glad i found you blog.. hope you have a nice day.


Tracey said...

Hi Veronica,

Thank you. Your blog is gorgeous too! Off to read some more! xx

Yolanda said...

Hello Tracey! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today. I love this little baby space, especially the fifi lapin book on the shelf. It all looks great. Excited about discovering a new blog!


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