Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hair tomorrow

My appointment will be slightly less relaxing with a 4 month old in check but hopefully she'll love hanging with the cool kids in the salon!

So i'm loving this
Malene birger model via pinterest

But so not convinced on the whole my hair + bangs issue?

Also adore this
Image of  Emmanuelle Alt via Bodie and Fou

And this
Lily Aldridge via InStyle
Solimene Photography/WireImage
So really it's bangs vs no bangs and add colour or no colour...too many decisions!
Or i could just go back to this
Shannyn Sossamon Via CarrieBradshawmademedoit and pinterest

I know i'll only go back to short again one day anyway!


Amanda said...

I love all the styles you've shared. The short style is lovely - I've never been brave enough to lop off my hair :) I think the middle style is my favourite - it looks relaxed and effortless... will look forward to seeing what you go with :)

Lauren said...

I love hair appointment day! We have an ongoing joke in my family (I'm the only girl, except for the dogs.) where I say, "Bangs or no bangs?" I'm "no bangs" at the moment and happy. In my opinion, short is a lot of upkeep (ironically) if you have a little one, but that's just me! Show pictures!

Anonymous said...

mmmh, i'm dreaming of the last one...

Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

wow, they are all so different, can't wait to see which one you picked.... :)

Tracey said...

lauren you are so right! You do need it cutting all the time. Well reminded!

Lizeylou said...

Looking forward to seeing your new style ... all of these pics are just so gorgeous!

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