Saturday, 19 November 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

If you want to feel good about yourself, do something for someone else.

I just came accross a link to this post. 35 Random acts of kindness to celebrate a 35th birthday. Her present was to see the best of her children and the joy these acts brought to others. An absolutely awesome list! I would definitely get a kick out of doing something like this.
 My favourite is the change of a vending machine or a car park machine!

I on the other hand am getting ready to send my parcel of gifts for Christmas to the children at The Small Things Orphanage in Tanzania.

And at the moment i can't help but think that any spare money i had really belongs here. I have never even met any of these children but it is so hard not to feel a connection with them from the wonderful blog and lifesaving projects set up by the amazing Bekka Ross Russell. I have never before come across anywhere where your single donation however tiny goes directly to them with no middle people involved to take their cut. I have found her blog a lifechanging experience for me personally. If you have a dollar or a pound or even a Euro rattling around in your paypal account today why not donate it here? At the moment they are trying to save baby Peace. Your dollar could be the difference they need.

Go on do something wonderful today, whatever that random act of kindness may be!


Jess said...

Aww Tracey! You are so sweet to message me and check how i am! I am wonderful :) loving life with my two little monkeys (Ayla is one in a few weeks!! How time flys) and izzy is nearly three and a half.

I just don't get much time to blog at the moment and as I only have an iPad at home at the moment, I can't upload photos or anything so I don't really bother. I'm hoping to gt a laptop in the new year and resume blogging weekly.

How are you? How are your kidlets? I will spend some time this arvo catching up on your beautiful little blog.

Also going to check out the blog re Tanzanian orphanage you mentioned. We went to tanzania as part of our honeymoon & we met some beautiful (very poor) families whom i still think about often so it is close to my heart.

Thanks for being so kind xxxxx


Brilliant post -- I love this :)

Lauren said...

Thank you so much for posting this.

Bekka Ross Russell said...

Thanks for thinking of us and helping to spread the word - it's people like you who make everything we do possible. THAT'S what I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving! Loving the blog, too.


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