Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Let's talk about Halloween

We (here in England) just don't seem to get it right.

I look at all your cool photos of your amazing night of fun and frivolity and it occurs to me it's actually not about scaring the living daylights out of your kids. You are not even dressed in scary type costumes. It's just fancy dress.

Here, let's face it, it's not big. BUT the marketing dream rolls out it's selection of SCARY things to buy, mainly witches, bumpkins or skeletons or a whole array of masks.

The (really evil/nasty looking ) masks freak my kids out,

The scary witches cackles music  freak my kids out,

And well anything halloweeny kinda freaks my kids out.

My friends 5 year old daughter has spent the past two nights having nightmares about being buried alive/buried in the ground after a halloween colouring session at school.

It does seem to involve a lot of kids jumping out of bushes and lots of eggs getting thrown.

I'm guessing we have it totally wrong.

How is it for you?

something that is too scary for the kids to enjoy OR
A total blast?


Best Halloween Costumes, in fact, best fancy dress costumes ever...

Jolie/Pitt Family Via Girls Gone Child


la fille de la plage said...

wow, it's big, what is this session about being buried alive ??? in school !! crazy !!!
i'm really sorry to read that.
i have to say, i dont really know anything about the real tradition of halloween, it is scary, but iwas really carefulll with my kids about it.
they really enjoyed that time with their friends, feeling free in the street and knocking at dors to have some sweet. my last one was freaked out sometimes but essentially by the dogs in some house, not really by all the decoration etc ... but maybe in my area it is quite " bon enfant" I don't know how to translate in english this french expression. that means not really serious.
I think that scary thing is part of life, you have always something scary in stories or movies, maybe it is good for them to be the scary guy for one time ;)
the important thing is to respect our children, and if they don't want to do or to go or to hear anything about it, stay at home with them, enjoying some treats and cupcakes, like some our friends did yesterday.
thank you for asking the question anyway.

la fille de la plage said...

if i didn't understand the question, just tell me ...

Tracey said...

No it makes sense! You are right. If your area is good for small children then that is brilliant but i think compared to say America the marketing is all about the scaring and it seems to me theirs is more a big old fancy dress holiday! You are right though. I guess they should get used to some things being a bit scary. Life is!

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