Friday, 19 November 2010

Corner of my home

Found this random picture when downloading my last images. I think it came from the total random shooting i did when my camera display went black for a few minutes and all the pictures came out black! I was worried! But it seemed to resolve itself.

I love seeing how tiny snippets of your home can look so different. This is a Harpers cover i have framed from 2002 with Camilla and Charles and now it's all about William and Kate. I think she would make a beautiful cover girl.

This weekend i am hosting a Charity Fashion Sale so am up to my ears in clothes, shoes and accessories. Heaven!  Have a great weekend! Oh and I'll be trying to take a good picture of how my house really looks for Bubby Makes Three's Challenge - Show it how it is. You should try it too!  I think it will be liberating! ha ha

1 comment:

Maxabella said...

I've taken my pictures and I'm putting my Bubba Makes Three post up on Sunday... I'll be over to check out yours as well!! Enjoy the Sale. x

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