Wednesday, 7 December 2011

19 days...

I am totally miffed that the days are just evaporating before my eyes. I am miffed that i haven't finished buying presents, haven't started wrapping presents and have only just ordered mt christmas cards online. WHERE does time go?

Hence my absence. I will not bore you with a tirade of rubbish posts and instead have decided to make this month a crazy sporadic month at procrastination mama. Basically. I'll be around as much as this crazy life of mine allows over the next couple of weeks! Did i mention we are still to buy a tree and decorate?

On the plus side, I saw Kitty in her first ever play 'happy birthday Jesus' at school today. She was sat at the back of the stage and it was muchas amusing to watch her poke her eyelids, make crazy faces and randomly sing to entertain herself whilst the show was on. Guess she thought no one was really watching. Oh to be 4.

I love this time of year. I love the magic the excitement, the present finding, the smell of the tree but sometimes all the time it takes to go to all the christmas lunches, parties, drinks, fetes and plays, shopping, wrapping, planning, cooking and look after the kids is seriously no walk in the park. Plus both Mr C and my birthday's thrown in and it's like you need an extra 5 days just to fit everything in!

Anyone know how to pull off a simple family christmas season?



Lauren said...

Whew. If you figure it out, let me know. I am feeling totally overwhelmed right now. But I love this time of year.

Toni said...

Oh the days of school plays so much fun and anticipation! Loving your images

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