Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Yes please...esther boutique

It's  those fabulous Australians again. 
I just adore this Esther shop. Kinda reminds me of my total sass and bide crush. One of each maybe?!
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tina said...

Cheers, Thta's cheered me up. Autralian beauty, amazing figure. Skin to dye for and those clothes.

Thanks Tracey, now I want to hide under the duvet:)

Tracey said...

To be fair i checked and they don't even stock it in my size! But i can always dream...or stop eating cake!;)

Katie said...

Oh I love them all especially the top tutu one! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

What is it with you that ME the Australian has to come on to your blog to find cool things from Australia.. Ha! xxx

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