Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hey there imaginary readers!

The best bit about you all being imaginary is really that i can write anything at all and it really doesn't matter. Well really the best bit is that i'm doing things and not procrastinating as usual as i feel the need to update myself and all you imaginary's here. So quick decor update. Nearly finished with the kidlets. Couple more pics to put up but have annoyed my husband beyond annoyance. He took a day off yesterday to do our room and I couldn't decide so we painted it pure brilliant white (eco) I feel the need to add that! Anyway, anywho... i don't like it, bit too clinical and fresh and i wanted more of a cosy, decadent white...(is there such a thing?) So he is horrified from staying up past midnight still touching up the white and now i want to repaint a slightly cosier white!

Am i crazy? I guess the best thing about all you imaginary readers is that i have no one to say 'yes'!

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