Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cakedy cake

This is a damn fine cake my friends and so i feel compelled to tell all you imaginary readers the recipe so you can go forth and make it for yourselves. It is the most moist cake ever! Go on, you'll thank me

imaginary readers response: "Thanks Tracey!"

And the beauty is its sooo quick because you don't even need to make buttercream to go on it.

From Nigella Lawson's 'How to be a Domestic Godess' (as if i need help..ahem...)

Easy Almond Cake
250g soft butter
250g soft marzipan
150g Caster Sugar
1/4 teaspoon Almond Essence
1/4 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
6 Large Eggs (free range please people )
150g self raising flour

25cm buttered & floured patterned ring mould/springform tube pan or i just use a circular 18cm cake tin. (And i just realised i have never floured my tin either! whoops.

Preheat 170 oc /gas mark 3
Chop butter and marzipan and combine with the sugar until smooth.
Add Almond and Vanilla
Break eggs one at a time processing each time. (this cake is easier if you use a mixer)
Tip in the flour, process again.

Whack the mixture in the tin.

Cook for 45-50 mins. Check from 40. It should be golden brown in colour then use a piece of spagetti or a skewer to check. If it comes out clean it cooked!

Leave in tin to cool before turning out.

Add icing sugar and edible glitter to decorate.
If you want to make it look fancy put raspberries on it (or in it, as you can make it in a ring mould too.)

Bob's your uncle...your done!

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