Sunday, 3 July 2011

Very Soon...

 So peeps i might be MIA for a short while soon, but not for long. 
I mean it's going to be a breeze right?!
Thank blogger for scheduled posts, I'll be floating around even if i'm not around, if you catch my drift.
Can't wait to see what colour i sneeze out!
Cakes and choc VIA my gorgeous friends who surprised our last getogether with baby related fun!


leanne said...

How exciting! Hope you do literally just have to sneeze! haha, good luck and looking forward to hearing news sometime soon! X

Anonymous said...

Good luck! x

Jess said...

Ohhh good luck! I cant wait to hear your news. Such an exciting time :) Remember to be kind to yourself, lots of rest and take any help offered xx

Lizeylou said...

A sneeze ... I hope so!!
Wishing you all the best, cant wait to meet your new bubbie.
How bloody exciting!!

Ana said...

So cute and so appropriate.

cheryl said...

good luck!!!
cheryl xox.

kristi said...

i thought of you twice today, thinking did she have her baby. blessings to you from across the oceans. x.

Bubby Makes Three said...

oh good luck to you, possum!! It's easy really........ when they're asleep, that is! I know where you can find some very sweet baby clothes once your babe is here!!! ;)

la la Lovely said...

So exciting...and good luck... I love the whole birth process.. and newborns precious!
ps- I just got your comments on my old blog.. i'm not sure why the new address wouldn't work in your blogroll or RSS..can you let me know if you are still having trouble and I'll try to get someone to help!

Paul & Paula ★ said...

did I ever say thank you for having my 2!!! blogs on your blogroll?
Thank you so much; I feel very honoured!

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