Thursday, 27 May 2010

Holy Cute Houses!

Have been thinking about getting the kidlets a playhouse in the garden.
1. Because they'd LOVE it.
2. Because they have some birthday money that could be put to great longterm use with something like that.
3. Most importantly for me its an independent play feature. With the slide and swings i have to be right there, pushing or stopping Sebs from falling, or throwing himself off the climbing frame etc... with the playhouse they could play whilst i was in the garden pottering.

Quick 5 min search and i found these for inspiration.

OMG...just saw this whilst pondering a few moments in flickr. Holy cute! And very cheap.
(I guess i'd have to rule it out if it was in the garden but so beautiful i had to show you.)

From this blog. About a very handy guy and his little boy. Lots of inspiration here. x

Gorgeous white playhouse seen at Creagenda.

Willow Chic seen at Ohdeedoh.

Ruby's amazing playhouse also here. Just love the sunflowers in their garden too. I would like to plant the kids sunflowers next to their house too. Adorable.


urban craft said...

thanks so much for featuring our little foam board play house. Definitely for indoor gardens only. Love the other houses. They are way above my skill level, though.
And my husband is quite handy, but he doesn't know anything about my little craft blog.
Thanks again!

ally said...

Sweet girl! I have found some of my favourite blogs through you here. Your little ones are beyond gorgeous and I envy your classic style and eye for timeless charm. Send my best to your lovely husband. Thanks for your kind words on our news. We're super excited! We'll keep you posted. Lots of love from Canada.

Tracey said...

Thanks Ally. You sre too kind! Ditto to you on the style and charm! Your house rocks!

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