Monday, 24 May 2010

Snapshots of a great weekend away

Last week we stayed in a gorgeous cottage in The New Forest, in the South of England.
It was divine. The kids favourite things...riding on a horse and cart and fishing in the forest.
My favourite, watching the deer from a lookout spot near the ornamental drive and watching the kids have so much fun. Lots of walking, running, muddy welly boots, wet welly boots, smiling faces, sunshine, rain and nature, fishing, laughing, playing cards, riding on a cart horse, a monorail, an open top bus and just a teeny bit of antique shopping!


Turbo said...

Gorgeous! It is amazing the way that a weekend away in the country can recharge you. (Found your page through Reagan's).

Tracey said...

I know and this place is great for that. Thanks for stopping by ;)

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