Saturday, 19 February 2011

Oh my gosh and some edible glittery-ness

Via Mimi and Meg, via Sweetapolita.
Oh my indeed. I have to make a cake completely covered in edible glitter...think Dorothy's shoes. Amazing!

On that note...remember these...

Can you tell i'm in love with edible glitter?

 So i know some of you peeps don't have it round your way and as i think this is a plain travesty, my pay it forward surprise (or not )gifts will be some edible glitter! Next time i'm at the cake shop i'll pick some up for the first two people to comment. I already have one reserved for a little Aussie friend who enquired a while back.

Sprinkle the love!


Cheryl E. said...

It's so pretty whats not to love!

Lori said...

Glitter you can eat? FANTASTIC!

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