Monday, 14 February 2011

So what did you get?

I get to parent the kids on my own again this week whilst Mr C is on another trip with work ;(

Still i'm hoping for an issue or two of Marie Claire Maision to come home with him from the airport! Lucky for him we are not big on Valentines day. I like to avoid the marketing ploy to buy stuff and do nice stuff for each other instead. Personally i'd take a back scratch and a lie in when he comes home!

What did you lucky peeps get? Did anyone get a 'guess who sent this?' card or is that just an urban myth?!


Lizeylou said...

A lie in would be lovely wouldn't it!! I got a card and the chance to go out for a walk tonight (on my own) which was just what I needed. Hope you are ok without Mr C.

objectsofwhimsy said...

My partner and moi dont do Valentines day in fact we have been known to have a special date the day before or after 14/2. In saying that if my love came to me and said "happy Valentines Day and heres a backrub" Id be in to it in a shot. Hope you get your wish ;)

Lonely Wife Project said...

Hahahah! You got to parent! Lucky you :) Happy Valentine's Day!

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