Monday, 2 May 2011

Grey, grey or grey? Or even gray ?

It is so hard to find the perfect grey.

They so often come out with too much blue or look ever so slightly lilac.

Painting onto large squares of lining paper and moving them around the room so you can see what the colour is like in the changing light of your space was the best practical tip i have learnt on my Interior Design course. I'm so over dodgy paint squares plastered onto my walls! I think i'm pretty happy with the colours we've ended up many finishing touches still to do. 

Now to find the perfect 'reasonably priced' curtain fabric! It's not an easy job.


Julia said...


You asked at DosFamily for names for girls, and I thought I may leave a reply. I live in Uruguay (a former Spanish colony in South America), and I named my daughter Maite. It's also spelled Mayte or Maité, and pronounced either MY-teh or my-TEH (I prefer the former) and it's Basque, meaning "beloved" or "lovely". I also love the name "Aimée", which means exactly the same but French names are hard to pronounce for people around here and therefore just sound snobby (that's so sad!)

I also liked Inés and its French and Italian counterparts, Agnés and Agnese, but Maite won over.

Hope this helps! :)

Tiffany said...

Yes! Grey can be such a pain! I hate greys with a blue cast!

Lonely Wife Project said...

I'm convinced there is no perfect shade of gray. Just reasonable ones that we have to learn to love because "perfect" doesn't exist ;) Can you tell I didn't have a great experience picking out gray paint for my own home!

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