Sunday, 29 May 2011

Orla Kiely Baby bag

This baby is now MINE, all MINE.
Well with every baby you need a new bag surely?
Thanks to Little Baby Company for the 30% discount that made this fair purchase possible!


Smbumblebee said...

LOVE this!

Now I'm torn between this bag or this Lin&Leo

But I've always wanted an Orla Kiely bag .... :-)

kim said...

Very nice! How long 'till baby?

Tracey said...

5 weeks Kim.

3rd time round i'm feeling it too. Still enjoying the calm before the storm!

Oh tough choice Smumblebee! I loved the navy version of this too...that was my hard choice!

Paul & Paula ★ said...

cool bag even so I am not a "nursery bag" mama... I am from the backpack fraction :)
New baby...5 weeks....weeeeeeeeeee... exciting!

kim said...

How exciting! Five weeks will fly by, and you'll soon be holding your beautiful new little one. x

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