Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Envy is a terrible disease

It is sickening. It is shallow. I need to get over it!

A lovely collection of Christmas presents did not help.

And neither did my little trip to a new friend's house today for an impromptu coffee. I smiled though i could of cried at the beauty of her period yet contemporary house. I melted in her kitchen/dining/living room. Nearly wet myself in her hallway and almost cried in her downstairs toilet....(cloakroom to all the posh people.) Her house was large, but it is never the size that appeals, more the style that gets you,  don't you agree? I never saw upstairs. And i did not of course ask to take photos and publish them in my blog. Surely not on a first 'date'! Did i mention it was IMMACULATE and she has 2 kids.

My problem is that
a) I am a chameleon. I do not have just one style i like. I change my mind a lot. Though recently i have seen a new clarity that seems to come from listening to what i love in my heart and not to follow my head.
Why do i have cream shutters in my kitchen when i actually don't like the colour cream?
Well somehow i was convinced by someone else that white would look bad with the cream cabinets. But in actual fact my heart told me white and now in hindsight i think, well i could just paint the cabinets so that they matched!

b)i have an ever changing idea of what to do with my house. Mainly because i am always just trying to make do. We spent every penny on buying 'the' house and don't get me wrong. It's a wonderful house but it is just not my perfect style. So unless you have the funds to do the whole room makeover in one, room by room - new furniture, new window dressings, new floors etc... you constantly strive to make do, bit by bit, and doesn't always make for a cohesive look.

Any of this sound familiar. Anyone else with a small case of house envy?

I wonder if they therapy for this? 

(ps. This is for light relief and self catharsis. There is no need to comment to tell me that living in the slums of India or some other poverty stricken place in the world would surely cure me. I am aware of this but reserve the right to post such flippant and frivolous rubbish anyway!)


kim said...

Exactly! Exactly. You have put your finger on it completely - I am the same. x

Ally said...

I've been feeling just the same way lately and you've nailed this! Looking around my home, my most favourite bits are the ones I took a chance on. And they're almost all the ones I refinished myself or scooped at a vintage store. You in inspire me. Thanks for your words. Follow our heart.

KimM2 said...

I feel exactly the same way! Why does my house never look "done" when a certain friend's house seems "finished"? I'm at the point now I've waited so long to finish, I'm tired of what I've gotten so far. And what does one do with furniture and fabrics they do not want any longer?

Anonymous said...

Hahahha! I LOVED reading that cause it felt like self therapy.. It was like reading myself!! But i know you know that too.. I wish my husband had of let me have limed floors and white white walls and timber in the bedrooms and yes i have house envy and we built our own home and moved in just 16 months ago!!! Gasp! But my mind is always changing and we just have to go with it.. xxx

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