Wednesday, 18 January 2012

long or short?

At the moment i am long. I am growing and it is getting loonng.
Somehow this one picture kind of rips my years of hair growing resolve...oh and that hair dyeing thing i thought i'd never go back to. Yep, ruined.
Heidi Hackemer/Six items or less Via Carousel.

Not saying i'm going to rush out and do this but i know somewhere the short is coming back. Sometime, someplace, maybe sooner than i thought.

FYI: That picture is so me. I'd need smaller boobs but the rest of it i'm loving minus a few pounds of baby shizz. One for the fridge!



I know.. I am so tempted by the short thing.. for now I just do a bun to simulate it haha

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

I love love love this hair! DId she model for Gorman this summer?

xo em

Lizeylou said...

Love it - you should SO do it!!

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