Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Maja Playhouse

I'm head over heels for this gorgeous playhouse which can be deconstructed in minutes and stored away. It has been designed by the clever Minna from Time of the Aquarius. 100% handmade in Finland and will be only sold in Finland but here's hoping for an international delivery soon. It comes in white, grey and black.

I know some people may think it's a playhouse, it should be colourful, but i guess you can mark/sticker it as you like.  Sometimes its the simple things that have the most impact. I can imagine the black as an awesome Star Wars House and the White as a snow lodge for Eskimos. You know when there is no obvious detailing i think it also makes for a greater imagination...no?


kim said...

wow - love it. wonder what shipping cost from finland to australia is? ;) and, i think you are right - kids can get overloaded with colour and perceived direction of play, rather than just letting them rely purely on imagination.

tina said...

All pay houses I know come in white so that kids can decorate their own abode.. dah!!


paula said...

LOVE these! I got the kiddos something similar over the holiday but they most definitely look more chic in black!

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