Monday, 26 July 2010


This weekend was cherrytastic. We literally picked these zillion babies from a friends tree.
And i spent over an hour on Sunday de pipping them to make a crumble. Not pictured! Because my hands looked like i had murdered two Cherry trees with my bare hands and there is still stains in the sides of my nails. Any tips for getting out cherry stains?! The colour was awesome though. I'm going to channel the cherry vibe with some cherry coloured nail polish on Saturday to cover any remaining stain on the girls big night out. 



Anonymous said...

Aw Yum lucky you and a great way to hide the stains with the lovely nail polish, have fun! Jx

På vår udde! said...

Hi Tracey!

Thankyou for your comment in my blog! Very sweet of you!
I want to satisfy my readers, so I added a gadget with translationservice in the blog! So, if you want you can now read my blog in your own language! I would apriciate if you tell me how it works!

Thanks again for you visit and welcome back!
Have a great day!


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