Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hey peeps!

I'm back and not quite fighting fit but back anyway! Looking forward to catching up.

Yesterday i was 32! Wowzer. Mr C and Kitty made me this -
His first ever cake...and it was delic. Am hoping eating the rest might make me feel better?!

And funnily enough as if by coincidence, on my birthday i also got awarded the Stylish Bloggers Award. over at Deceivingly Domestic..so I'm pondering the conditions and will be back tomorrow with a bit more on that!

What else have you missed? Not much only this...

Dodgy iphone pic but you get the jist...anyone else's husband forgot to put the guard on the clippers?
Mohichan anyone?


Amanda said...

Happy birthday!! Hope you had fun celebrating - the homemade cake looks yummo! x

leanne said...

happy birthday to you! hope you had a nice time, and yes we have had clipper disasters in our house too, at least he can wear a warm hat bless him! x

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