Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hair tutorial...my hairdresser rocks!

So i was inspired by A cup of Jo showing me this beautiful tutorial to post my own. My hair is much more bob like so much harder to do anything with but what can i say? My hairdresser Zoe is a legend!

If you want to put your shortish hair up like this...follow the iphone picture steps!

Start with a short plait to the side. Bunch out the top section by pulling it out a little.
Put a small bun in the back.
Then pull sections of hair back and fix with grips around the bun.
Back comb the top sections of hair and affix in the same way.
Voila...longish type hair do for medium short type hair!
Ooh and messy new bangs too!

1 comment:

Lizeylou said...

Gorgeous - love love love it!!

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