Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Grey Nursery love

Fallen in love with this nursery...and this blog i've just discovered. OOh and she has an etsy shop too with some of her gorgeousness. Michelle...thanks for the new blog crush! xx
Found via 6th Street Design School.

Not sure if we are going to be doing the whole nursery thing this time around. The other two share a room and we were thinking of putting the bambino next door to us in our dressing room for a year or so with just a cot and a little chest of drawers to save us transforming our large spare room just for the bambino, until we decide who shares where. BUT i'd still love to make a special area. After seeing this it's hard not to think what you could do with a little paint and bit of art!


Cheryl E. said...

I am loving gray rooms lately and this nursery is the cutest! I love the chalkboard wall.

Abra said...

yes, that grey is awesome! actually, everything about that room is fantastic. thanks for sharing the inspiration!

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