Friday, 8 April 2011


Another newbie blog for me. Can't stop loving this one and her Style! It's Simply Grove by Kirsten Grove.

And my favourite...her style tests!

Want to know what your style is? Well send her your favourite images and she'll diagnose it for you. Simples!

What else do you want to know?
She loves design. I love her home, her posts and her pictures. Plus she's just moved house...think AMAZING new room makeovers to see coming up! In fact has very recently decided to stop selling her reclaimed vintage pieces and specialise in styling and online room consultations instead.  Need a room makeover? You'll know where to go! Want some inspiration? Take a visit. Have fun!


Tina said...

Totally inspiring! I will go for a visit right now!
Thanks for sharing and happy weekend to you!

Anastasia (decor is like butter) said...

Thanks for sharing Tracey. Her place looks fantastic! Have a lovely weekend! x Anastasia

design elements said...

lovely place...I like especially the kids room...happy Sunday

loft beds said...

This is absolutely stunning. How much did it cost in total for this project? Got any links to these products so that I can do it myself?

Tracey said...

Hey loft beds.

This house is actually from Simply Grove. Check out her site and see. x

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