Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hair and other stuff

Her hair has started to fall out at the back where she lies in her moses basket. I saw a few hairs on her sheet today where her head rests. It's a sign of her growing up and moving to the next stage. I wonder if it will all fall out or turn to blonde like the others. And her smell, that smell of her hair so baby sweet. She's still got it.

I am so lucky to have her here and healthy. I have my fingers crossed for someone else i love to be this lucky very soon, to have this smell of their own to breathe and i know that it will happen. Fate unfortunately is not governed by time but be strong my friend. You have a few angels on your side.

And if you want to do something great today for others who may not have this in their life soon,  because not everyone in the world has what we have... food, water and a roof over their heads, let alone a computer. You might want to go here or here, have a read and trade in your coffee, cake or magazine money today to help someone who needs it on a whole greater level.

Photos by Louise Freeland


Thrifted Treasure said...

What a beautiful little baby, I remember that baby smell so well, and the tiny little silky hairs that fall out, you're making me clucky!!!

Maxabella said...

She's beautiful. I miss that baby smell and that little nuzzling thing they do.

Both my 'good sleepers' developed a total bald patch on the back of their heads where they laid. No matter how many times I put them on their tums to sleep, they would roll over.

Enjoy this lovely newborness as it leaves them all too quickly. x

Sarah said...


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