Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Remember this post about The Brand? Well i finally got my hands on some matching mini flounce tops for the girls amongst other items. I'm all over matching siblings! My sister and i were dressed similarly on a few occasions when we were young and i just love those pictures of us. Some of my friends hate it though...what do you think?
Ooh and if you get your new purchases gift wrapped it's even better! This was the most beautifully presented package with it's own mini rubber ducks included!
Can you tell Scandinavian Minimal have a sale on?!


PuppyLovePrincess said...

those are adorable. and the packaging is SO CUTE! who can resist polka dots and rubber duckies?

Petit a Petit and family said...

Oh! I just discovered your site via someone's pin on pinterest... Love it! You have a new reader & pinterest follower! I love it when kids have matching outfits, for special occasions or whenever... I remember my lil'sis always wanting to dress like me and it drove me nuts, we were 5 years apart! Now I try to match my boy & girl sometimes... Too cute, when done with good taste!

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