Wednesday, 5 October 2011

SNAP! = Giveaway

The best thing about Mr. C's trips with work are the presents he brings me back...namely magazines from other countries. This time he was in Germany but managed to get a bit confused and buy me a UK edition of Elle Decoration...which i already have a subscribers edition of.

Anywhoo...anyone fancy a UK edition of Elle Decoration? I have one spare!
Leave a comment and I'll pick one of you to post it to on Friday.
(if there is more than one comment!)


la fille de la plage said...

i already have it unfrtunately ;))
next time !

Smbumblebee said...

Oooh I would love a copy! I'm in Germany but have never seen it on sale here ...

kim said...

Ooh - yes please Tracey! I'll swap you an Inside Out or a Real Living! (I didnt mean that to be a bribe, either! ;)

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