Sunday, 5 September 2010

Few hours to kill in London?

I spent Saturday in London. It was my first visit to Anthropologie. I went to the Regent St store and i was not disappointed...or empty handed after walking away with this and these in 3 colours! I couldn't stop staring at the lights in the stairways. Every time i looked i saw more detail. I would love to make one of these!

Who'd of thought a load of old bottle tops and beads could look so amazing?

Plus i really loved this beaded light used for decoration which reminded me of one i posted not long ago here.

Man i just love beaded lightshades!

Then we went to the V&A to see the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition. Now let me tell you the cafe is a day out in itself it's so darn vintage/clean/modern/delicious.

Grace Kelly sure knew a great dress and the funny thing was, looking through the collection there were so many outfits which would just be divine today she was either really ahead of her time or so classic in her taste that they could be the wardrobe of a stylista over 50 years on.

My favourite beaded outfit by Marc Bohan.  Typically, I cannot find an image of but there were so many to choose from. My favourite thing about the collection was reading how she loved her clothes so much she often wore them again and again. Nothing like today where celebs cannot be seen in the same outfit twice. I would so love to see the stars reinvent a dress they had already worn to a big event. You know, lop the bottom off a ball gown to make a minidress. How much more fun would that be? Seeing how many different ways they could wear the same dress!


Hanna said...

I L*O*V*E Anthropologie! I am constantly looking at the online sales. Gets me into lots of trouble:)

leanne said...

very jealous - would love to go to the anthropologie store rather than just online and agree with you about wearing favourite things again and again. I buy new things every season and only ever want to wear my favourite jeans or LBD (but don't tell my husband that!)

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