Monday, 6 September 2010

Rock that bump! Amazing photos from Mark Holladay

I was blown away when i saw these photos after browsing through some recent links.
1) Mark is an awesome photographer. I love the colour in the first shot but i love the intimacy of the underwater shots. I emailed him to check and he was so super kind to let me use his images because these are just shouting to be shared. Beautiful! See more here.

2) How fit and rocking her inner pregnancy godess is Ashley Moffat? She is 6 months prego here. Er. hello...and this is baby no.3!

And if i was in Hawaii i'd be calling Mark up for some photos and wanting to hang out with Ashley and her kids while she taught me and my kidlets to surf.  Obviously.  These peeps rock.

I have no more words.


Maxabella said...

Some people are just awesome beyond words!! x

ashley said...

ha! your too funny!
we would love to have you come play with us anytime!

Kellie Collis said...

ah fabulous pics! Kellie xx

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