Thursday, 23 September 2010

Possibly the most beautiful ice cream carton in France,...The World?

So i may have spent nearly 6 Euros on a carton of ice cream just to get the cute box to take home and do ...(i have no idea what yet)...BUT that choclate orange is possibly THE best ice cream i've ever had. I had some goodens so hence the 'possibly'!

Ever had a Terry's Chocolate Orange? Well this is it, melted and ice creamed up!
Vanille shpanille - its vanilla. What can you say? Good but still just vanilla. BUT super cute box!

The Frenchies are quite fond of Reglisse ice cream which i think is liquorice. I didn't pay 6 Euros to get that one as well but I probably should have judging by these beauties. Next time.


GeorgyG design said...

Gorgeous! G

Anna said...

Chocolate orange?!?! I'm drooling.

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