Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happy Birthday Lulu!

Hoping i look as good at 37 as you do! Have a good year gorgeous! xx

This is your present. Just waiting for it to arrive! I think this says a lot about you at the moment!


nikki said...

I have to agree, lulu you look great for 37!! I hope I look as good as you do!!!! Hope you have a great day. See you on saturday.

Love this message on your blog Tracey, very sweet, you really are so thoughtful and such a special friend, we are lucky to have you, I am sure the other girlies will agree!!!

Love Nikki x x

Anonymous said...

I have to admit the wife is still looking pretty damn fine !!

Nath (the hubby)

Lou said...

Thank You Tracey!! Much appreciated... Love Lulu...!

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