Sunday, 3 May 2009

I love my boy

I love this photo. He looks a bit annoyed, probably because i stripped him off and put him on a fluffy rug that got in his mouth so that me and my friend Erika could takes some cute pics of him at 8 weeks. This weekend he was 12 weeks old and i realised how much i love him. Takes a while to kick in and be real sometimes. But how could i resist?

Not that i was ever disappointed but surprised. He wasn't what i expected. I was sure he was a girl. Another girl. I had pictured 'her' and Kitty in the future, sisters just like me and mine. I had grown up with all girls, all girl cousins and had lived with me and my mum and my sister. I think the only thing i couldn't wrap my head around was that Kitty did not have a sister but i hadn't considered what she would gain from having a brother.

I'm so pleased he belongs to me, well really more that i belong to him. (If you have read Amy Bloom's novel 'Away' you'll understand why i put it like that.)

Sometimes great expectations can be better when they are not exactly what you are expecting.


littlem said...

Ahh, I still love my sheep skin rug from when I was a baby!

Kate said...

that ear/fist photo is priceless. Kudos to your friend, and to you for birthing such a cutie!

Tracey said...

Thanks Kate,

He was a big boy too at 10lb 11.5 oz and i had him at home too!

sorry I couldn't post a message on your blog as it is set to private.

Thanks for stopping by though.

Tracey ;)

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