Saturday, 9 May 2009

I have a dream...and it involves BIG sunglasses

Loving these Dirty Dogs!
I'm so jealous. Nick went and had a consultation for laser eye surgery today and is booked in to have his eyes fixed later this month. I would love to be able to wear a big fat pair of these. My eyesight has been getting progressively worse and i seem to wear glasses all the time now. It doesn't bother me until the sun shines and then it makes me crazy! For some reason, my prescription and sun glasses don't mix, unless you like the teeny weeny styles that let in all the light and are totally useless anyway. Because even with the thinning my lenses remain big and heavy and bulbous and not suitable for large or rounded shapes. Darn fashion!

Anyway, I will continue with my dream to wear normal sunglasses until after i have finished feeding my babe (can't have surgery til after this time as your prescription changes after having a baby...hormones again!) Maybe i'll just take the plunge and get used to sticking my fingers in my eye and go ahead and try out those contacts everyone has been wearing for years!

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