Monday, 18 May 2009

My little runaway

Yes her. The not long turned 2 year old. Growing up so fast it makes me feel as if i'm in a constant state of fast forward. So fiercely independent. I honestly don't know where she gets it from.

Last week we visited a friend with some other friends who also have crazy 2 year olds. To cut it short. I thought she was playing in the garden. She wasn't. When i didn't see or hear her for a few minutes i went into the garden to search for her. It was a long garden and you can't see to the end. I was gone for 5 minutes or so. By the time i came back in the house my heart had started to race. I went to check upstairs and realised that the front door was ajar...

She was with one of the others little girls in a neighbours front garden down the road clutching toys in both hands. Two ladies were questioning them obviously trying to find out where they had come from. I bet she wouldn't even remember. It's not our house, would she remember what front door she came out of? They weren't taken aback by our dismay and horror but they didn't seem too worried either. They had just decided it was time for a little adventure of their own. Totally oblivious to danger and at the same time to fear.

After the initial anger, relief, shock...a whole whirlwind of emotion i guess i just felt sick. How our whole life could have changed in that one instant. Its a real busy road with lots of parked cars. They wouldn't have been seen. The image of her body lying in the road still comes to me at night but even worse what if they'd just disappeared without a trace? Never to be seen again?

I guess these things happen to give you a reality check. Don't take it for granted that your child can't open a front door or that someone else has locked it. Don't think they are playing in the garden, know they are. It would have been my fault and i can try ever harder to protect her under my wing but for how long i don't know.

Jeez i'm usually relaxed but now the thought of her going to the shops aged 12 on her own gives me shivers. Then again i can't be the one that aged 18 is still driving her to School because i don't want her to get a bus. When does your responsibility stop and theirs start? Not sure anyone really knows the answer but i guess one day i'm going to find out. Let's just hope there's no more adventure escapes for quite some time.

PS. Thank you God! You kept her safe. There's a chocolate brownie point waiting for you at my house. x

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