Tuesday, 26 May 2009

House Fever

image from livingetc.com
find the whole house here.

Hello again. I'm afraid to say i have a severe case of house fever. We have our house on the market and have unfortunately found somewhere that's a bit of a project that we'd like to buy. Only thing is we haven't sold ours and i'm already in a state of house fever.

For me this means constant scanning of new ideas, magazines, blogs to search for ways to create new and amazing rooms in my ahem...er new ( not yet house).

Bear with me on the image front as i'm having probs using images from other sites. They don't always copy due to copyright??? And i must find out how to do a flickr mosaic but until then!

I am in love with...

this table

this office space

this playhouse, which would all obviously look lush with my new walnut floors and pale walls!

More dreaming to come. It's all i do at the moment. That oh and watch the Rachel Zoe project. Gotta love it! Oh yeah...and look after my kiddies!

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