Monday, 14 June 2010

Kids parties

So way back in February and March! Seb was one and Kitty was three. I love a good birthday party. I love planning, preparing amd making but i always forget to photograph stuff before it gets trashed or used! Anyway here are a couple of pictures from the party people themselves.

Sebby had a small family party with a teddy bear theme but Kitty had her first 'proper party' with lots of local friends, party games, face painting by my sister, body tatoos her cousin did and lots of general frivolity! She loved it.

As there were so many children at Kitty's i put large spotty waterproof table mats on my floor in the kitchen with lots of plastic storage boxes in the centre in a long line. I covered this with table cloths and put the food on the boxes. I added pillows and cuddly toys all around the outside so that the kids could sit inbetween the pillows and toys to eat. I hung a really easy to make doilly banner and other crepe paper streamers and banners over the wood beams in my kitchen and for party bags all the girls got a paper bag with a lolly, cake, balloon, Hello Kitty stickers and homemade 'make your own bracelet/necklace kit with some supplies i bought off ebay.

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