Monday, 7 June 2010

Anna Spiro's house

I have seen pictures of her house on many blogs and it never stops me wanting to look again and again and well like a zillion times. That Aussie chick has style. I mean just 'google - ing' her brings up a wealth of beauty before your eyes. All of these photos (except the first) are taken from one of her two sites below.
See her blog here.

And Black and Spiro's Interior Design site here.

What i really love is the more you look at her pictures and house tours (like the apartment therapy one here, where the first photo is taken from,) the more you realise how she moves her furniture and accessories to make style changes to rooms and it works every time. I wonder how many of us could just do with moving some pictures and furniture around from time to time?

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tobe said...

oh wow. am loving your blog as well! thanks for the awesome inspiration, tracey!

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