Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Magazine Swap!

So I saw this image of 'swap magazines' on Live Bohemian's photostream on flickr recently and so i asked her what 'swap magazines' were.

Doh! You may think, but yes although i could kind of guess from the word 'swap' i wanted to be clear OK?!

Anyway, she swaps a couple of her favourite magazines every month with another blogger who lives in another country. What a great idea huh!

Maybe i'll start an international swap shop! I fancy a little scandi interiors reading. Anyone else?


Mrs. said...

Hi there. I just found your blog while searching for magazine swaps. I like your blog! :) I live in Southern CA and have a huge stack of mags, I am so obsessed with finding things to do that I never actually do...anyway, that's why I'm looking for a magazine swap. Take Care.


Tracey said...

Hi Kelly,

Not sure I'm quite popular enough to start a large magazine swap event but i'd be happy to swap a few editions with you. Email me at :


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