Thursday, 12 August 2010

Home Ec

So i felt a bit creative last night and on a whim i decided to join Rachel's Home Ec course. I would love to be able to make curtains and clothes. Even if just for the wendy house and the kidlets.

However the ironing thing. Well let's just say we aren't bezza's. My iron has not been out for well over 3months. Seriously. I never iron. Sewing however means the iron becomes your new friend. I'm not digging that bit.

Let's just say i'm not rocking my sewing machine quite yet but i managed to make my first napkin...aka...soon to be a pretend teatowel for Kit's kitchen.


Kat - Housewife Confidential said...

Ah, but when you are sewing it is pressing and so much nicer for it :)

Room tour up this afternoon at 4 x

Isa said...

congratulations, what a beauty! ;)

I have the same issue with the iron as you do.. so I sew much too seldom. This has inspired me to try again!

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