Sunday, 15 August 2010


So my sister is having twins. Total shock but amazing. Some twin inspiration!

Sixx Design at New York Social Diary

Mind you, not that she will have that much room. She lives in a 2 bed house and already has 2 girls! Better start searching for small cool twin spaces!


Kellie Collis said...

Double the joy! Hope you are having a lovely weekend xx

Floortje said...

That's so nice! I have twin daughters myself and trying to find online inspiration for their room all the time. I saved some random stuff in my blog - my girls are almost 3 and I have a very small appartment, so I'm looking into bunk beds right now :-)

Floortje said...

And one more thing: my 'best buy' for their room was a comfortable love seat: it's big enough for 1 grown up and 2 toddlers to read a a night time story together :-)

Tracey said...

Thanks Floortje. You have some lovely images. xx

Melanie said...

LOVE the inspiration, all of them are very cute and unique!

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