Sunday, 8 August 2010

My week: So it started with...

a birthday
 Then a night out. 
(Check out the beautiful background colour in the toilet of my iphone self portrait!)

Then some holiday beach action
 A little adventure in a magical forest 

 And a wedding
(at which i may or may not have been too tipsy to take any photos)

That was my week folks. What have you been up to? Any gossip?


rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Wow ... was that cake yours? Or did you make it? Awesome!!

Tracey said...

No my firend Lou made it for her little girls first birthday. I showed her a recipe online i found because i had never seen a rainbow cake in England before. I see loads from my American blog sites but over here it was like WOW!

Kat - Housewife Confidential said...


It followed me home said...

Wow! That cake is seriously impressive.
I love your blouse in the self portrait.

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