Monday, 23 August 2010


Great weekend at the V2010 festival watching Kings of Leon, Kate Nash, Florence and the Machine and well too many to name. Here are my top festival feet & fashion iphone specials! Denim shorts and florals were in, as well as boots or sandals. And there were a lot of floral headbands too!

Me and Lou, with her crazy eyes (she had a makeover in the MAC tent. What a brilliant idea for a festival!)
What's your favourite look?


Turbo said...

Looks like an awesome time. I love those kind of shows. PS, I received a package from you, today. Thanks again!!

Melanie said...

The first girl is adorable. Chanel bag and Hunters?! Darling! I have never seen so many hunter boots...apparently they are a hot item in the UK?

Tracey said...

Yes. Hunters are the brand to have. Though they retail at over £50 for the basic style. I have some Thomas Pink pinstripes for myself!

Turbo. So glad. x

sarah, flourish design + style said...

There are some great looks to pull off with hunter boots! I love the mom in the floral dress carrying the little boots :) xx

Tracey said...

Hi Sarah,

First i was like wtf? But then i just looked. It looks so cute but she isn't actually holding any. They are someone else's Boots behind her! So funny. x

Maxabella said...

Ah, I so miss a good festival. I wish I was brave enough to go with the kids, but I fear ear damage and losing them. I'm just too darn responsible these days!!!

Aside from wanting to go to a festival, I also want that girl in the top photo's ass. That's another thing I gave up when I had the kids.

Happy day to you.

Tracey said...

Hi Maxabella!

Sorry to disappoint but i left the kids at home with Mr. C. It was a weekend of drunkeness and debauchery. However i too wish i had that girls bum, legs, arms, hey where do i stop? She was like 17 or something though!

It followed me home said...

Ha the first thing i noticed what that girls amzazing legs and bum. I do love a crochet top :)

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