Monday, 17 January 2011

Holiday dreaming

Recently we've being trying to book a holiday for before the baby comes in the Summer. This is one that we were tempted with but a bit to far out of our budget for this trip and the weather not so great when we want to go. But it has special facilities for people taking babies and children, a baby go lightly service, kids clubs, babysitting,  a spa for the adults and the style of an adults exclusive club. Drool.

 Definitely one to save for another trip. Almyra Luxury Spa Hotel in Cyprus.

They must have the ultimate in white stain remover with all those kids though! I reckon you could pick up some cleaning tips from them too?!


kim said...

oh my word! GLORIOUS! next stop cyprus (after we win the lottery, which will hopefully be not long after we start buying tickets!)

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

wow so gorgeous!! I can not believe how white it all is either being so kid/family friendly ~ can't wait to see where you do get to vacation ;)

Jess said...

Oh la la! That is not the Cyprus that I know.. I spent a year in a very remote village in Cyprus when I was 18. I am not 18 anymore and this may just be a reason to return.....!!

PS - Thanks for your words of wisdom on Mother Guilt. You are SO right....Sometimes we just need to hear it from another Mum ;o)

Kristi said...

greece...i kind of wish i was you.

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