Friday, 21 January 2011

Whats up? looking confused! ha

My Pay it forward post has like NO response?

a.You just skipped over it by accident. OR
b. No one reads posts without images.
c. No one actually reads this blog at all!
d. Everyone has already bagged a pay it forward gift from someone else.
e. No one can be bothered to make something or do something nice for someone else.
f. No one wants me to make them a gift...can't really blame you on this one!
g. The whole post was just a figment of my imagination!

Am hoping it's not c, e or g.
I'll be happy if its lucky lot. If it's f...fair enough!
If your answer was a.  and you would love my gift and to take part. Comment here. 

 Have a good weekend peeps. I am celebrating someone's birthday, doing a bit of painting and a lot of tidying and attempting to go to bed early at least one night of the weekend. It's good for you, apparently.

Mwah x

p.s. Can you tell i kinda got some love for the booth too?!


Thrifted Treasure said...

Chuckle! I did Pay it Forward last year and nearly ended up losing my mind with stress over trying to make something nice for my recipients! I am so not a crafter and it took me 11 out of the 12 months to finally pay it forward so definitely giving it a miss this year ;-)

Tracey said...

ha ha. Am hoping not to lose my mind. Have a little something perfect in mind. But by the looks of it i may be just doing some random acts of kindness...we'll see! x

objectsofwhimsy said...

well Im in the same boat as you noone seems to want a gift from me but I have a backup plan Im going to make the gift post it and see if there are any takers then heh heh heh!

Kristi said...

oh no. i love how you brought it to everyone's funny. just enjoy my "pay it forward" when it arrives. no worries.

Anonymous said...

i read this blog! and i love it :) you, your lovely family and your endless treasure troves of inspiration and wonder are brilliant. stay gold :)

Tracey said...

Thank you. x Blush x

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